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aprilie 10, 2020

Happy Easter!

Healthy, cheerful and family Easter full of spring sunshine, happiness, joy and optimism.

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martie 20, 2020

New references for brake pads and shoes

The current edition of our Information Bulletin concerns the introduction of 18 new references for Protechnic brake pads and 1 new reference for brake shoes. We are constantly expanding our offer, and customers are kept informed about it. We invite you to contact our representatives for more details. The newsletter, in two language versions, is available here.

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februarie 28, 2020

New references for brake discs and drums

We have introduced new reference numbers into the PROTECHNIC brake discs and brake drums offer since the last bulletin. The newsletter, in 2 languages, is available on our website HERE. All catalog numbers and necessary information can be found in the attached file. We encourage you to enter/update new references in your systems! We are […]

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ianuarie 20, 2020

New references in drive shafts and cv joints offer

We are pleased to inform you about new references that we have introduced into the PROTECHNIC drive shafts and cv joints offer. The newsletter, in 2 languages, is available on our website HERE. All catalog numbers and necessary information can be found in the attached file. We encourage you to enter / update new references […]

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About us

Every year the products of Protechnic® become increasingly popular amongst the customers of the whole Europe.

The brand of Protechnic entails products from renown suppliers in the automotive branch. In many cases, these are manufacturers who deliver products for the OE (original equipment).

Spare car parts by Protechnic first appeared in Poland in 2004. Their introduction was a reply to the growing need of the market to give all car users an alternative of a good product at a good price.

Since 6th of May 2005 Protechnic® has been a registered trademark protected by patent law in the territory of the whole Europe. For our customers this is a guarantee of origin and high quality of the products. From the moment of our debut in the Polish market the number of products in the offer of Protechnic has grown continuously.

The foundation of our brand is the full range of spare parts for the brake system supplemented with C.V. joints, water pumps and wiper blades. In order to guarantee the best quality of our products to our recipients, we control them continuously. The control starts even before the product is included in the sales.

The production process is monitored by engineers who make sure constantly that all products meet the European norms. Positive results of their actions are the key indicator of the possibility to introduce a product in the offer of Protechnic.

All parts in the Protechnic offer have product quality certificates and a 3-year warranty (with the exception of car wipers, which are covered by a 2-year warranty).


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În Protechnic® am implementat un program anual de analiză a satisfacţiei clienţilor, care permite îndeplinirea aşteptărilor clienţilor şi prestarea de servicii de cea mai înaltă calitate.

În cadrul analizelor complete şi obiective de satisfacere a clienţilor sunt utilizate metode diferite de obţinere a informaţiilor despre nivelul de satisfacere în care puteţi lua în considerare: analiza diferitor informaţii obţinute de la clienţi, analiza reclamaţiilor, ancheta analizelor de satisfacere a clienţilor, analiza cauzelor de respingere a ofertei, liste cu referinţe primite de la clienţi.

De pe 6 mai 2005 Protechnic este o marcă înregistrată, protejată prin legea brevetelor în toată Europa. Pentru clienţii noştri acest fapt constituie garanţia de provenienţă şi de calitate ridicată a produselor.

Protechnic® posedă un Sistem Integrat de Management al Calităţii şi Mediului în conformitate cu standardele:

Certificări ISO 9001: 2015: ISO 9001:2015 (EN)ISO 9001:2015 (DE)ISO 9001:2015 (PL)

Certificări ISO 14001: 2015: ISO 14001:2015 (ENG)ISO 14001:2015 (DE)ISO 14001:2015 (PL)

Protechnic® posedă de asemenea certificate de conformitate pentru piaţa din Rusia şi Belarus.

Produsele sub marca Protechnic® reprezintă nu doar garanţia unui produs bun şi sigur ci şi un sistem dezvoltat de sprijinire a vânzării.

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